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Maintaining the health of your hair is the number one way to achieve great-looking hair that is generally 'low maintenance' and consistently manageable. It's easy to identify dry, frizzy and uncared for hair because it's nearly impossible to style hair to hide severe damage. The split end is the worst offender and most girls' number one hair enemy. Split ends, contrary to popular belief, do not mend. The splitting progresses up the hair shaft, eventually resulting in breakage. Split ends can be seen and the effect can be felt if you run your fingers through your hair. Split and broken hair will feel much thinner and rougher at the ends, we suggest:

  • Preventing them: Keeping your hair properly nourished. Just like your skin, your hair needs moisture. Hydrated hair is healthier hair.
  • Removing them: If/when they appear, they should be cut off. Regular cuts will help to ensure that frailer ends are removed and splitting is avoided.

Your hair regimen is essential for giving your hair the best chance and you should prioritise the following:

  • Good Quality Shampoo: Not only is this important for cleaning, but shampoos containing low-quality detergents will quickly damage your hair. Poorer quality shampoos contain a lot of water as well, necessitating the use of more lathering agents to produce rich suds.
  • Daily Conditioner: By conditioning your hair on a daily basis with a high-quality product recommended for your hair, you are smoothing the cuticle that coats the hair shaft and preventing damage to the inner layers. A smooth cuticle promotes compatibility and shine.
  • Weekly Hair Treatment: A must-have for those with long hair, those who have had their hair chemically treated and those who are growing their hair and want to keep as much length as possible. A deep moisturising treatment is required if your hair is dry due to its length or curly. If you have had chemical services, you will require a proper moisture and protein balance.

When choosing the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair and its needs, consider the weight of the products first. People with thicker, denser and coarser hair, as well as those with extremely curly or damaged hair, frequently prefer heavier, more moisturising products. Lighter products are usually appropriate for people with finer or healthier hair. 

You should also try to avoid shampooing your hair every day. Since water does not have the same pH as hair, the combination of removing natural oils from your scalp, rinsing, and blow-drying your hair can cause your hair to age much faster. If your scalp becomes oily on the first day, consider using a dry shampoo or hair powder for the roots to avoid over-shampooing.

Aside from the addition of high-quality conditioning agents, the most significant change in modern salon hair colour is the colour's ability to only open the cuticle minimally in order to deposit the colour. This is significant because it indicates that the cuticle has been cared for and therefore remains more tightly closed after the colouring process, resulting in more overall shine, less tangling, and protection from environmental damage.

When it comes to 'colour fade,' the cuticle layer is also important. The porosity of one's hair, or the integrity of the cuticle layer, determines how quickly a colour fades. The more porous the hair, the faster the colour will fade. Certain colours (particularly reds) are also known to fade more quickly on their own, so healthy hair and a tightly sealed cuticle are essential.

Keep in mind that if you have lightened your hair in any way, it will be more porous and therefore less predictable. If you're going back to a darker shade, keep in mind that artificial colour will show up differently on porous hair. In order to improve your hair’s chances for an even result, you should:

Maintain the health of your hair by using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, as well as a protein treatment once a week. As a result, your hair will be in better condition and will react more predictably.

Keep in mind that colour correction is usually a work in progress. Your desired colour level and tone may require multiple applications to achieve and would ideally evolve over a few salon visits, depending on the extent of colour correction and the amount of damage present.

Also, keep in mind that if your hair initially absorbs more colour and appears darker (due to the porosity of the hair), it will also release that colour more quickly and fade faster. Furthermore, the lighter and more porous one's hair is, the more likely a darker, flatter result will be produced at first. Allowing the colour to 'cleanse' over a few shampoos is often preferable to attempting to lift the colour in-salon and then having it lift even more at home in the days following.

To aid these processes and give your hair the best chance for the best colour result, keep in mind that hair health is essential and keeping your hair in peak condition at all times is the best way. If at all possible, avoid shampooing, scrubbing or brushing your scalp on the day of your scheduled colour appointment, as this can cause scalp irritation. If shampooing is required prior to a colour service, it will be done in-salon.

Your consultation and comments during this time serve as your 'contract' with your stylist. As a client, you must be very clear about what you want and, more importantly, what you don't want. By the end of your consultation, you and your stylist should have the same "picture" of the final result in your heads.

Bringing photos is an excellent idea. It aids in demonstrating to your stylist what you like (even if it's just elements of a cut or a hint of colour) and what you don't. As a client, you should feel very comfortable telling your stylist what you don't like, especially if it helps you describe your desired look. Feel free to discuss the 'feel' of a style rather than the technical aspects of a cut.

Our talented team will discuss the suitability of the look and make suggestions on how to customise it to complement your features and fit your lifestyle. Maintenance tips, styling advice and product recommendations will also be provided.

If you're making significant changes to your style or colour, do some preliminary research and come to your appointment prepared with specific questions. If you've been thinking about it for a while, notifying your stylist before your appointment or having a discussion in the lead up to your appointment is also a good idea. Being as well-prepared as possible means that your consultation will not significantly shorten your cutting time.

Your time in the salon is an important part of your day, so make it a fun event and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Invite your photographer and bring some champagne. This is frequently the start of the day and the first time all of the girls get together. Making this experience relaxing and enjoyable often sets the tone for the rest of the day. You're also welcome to bring your make-up artist to the salon. If that isn't possible, try to keep hair and makeup in close proximity.

Some things to consider

Book your appointments early to ensure that your preferred appointment time is available and that there are enough stylists and assistants available. You should also make certain that your entire party is booked together.

Schedule a hair trial. This means you can have an in-depth discussion about your desired look and your stylist can complete the look for you or show you some possible variations. A trial ensures that both you and your stylist are fully prepared for the big day.

Touch up your colour 4 to 7 days before your event. Any major colour changes should be planned at least a month in advance.

Keep track of the time it takes you to get from the salon to where you're getting dressed. This keeps the day's schedule as consistent as possible.

Wash your hair the day before the event and don't use any products. Bring your hair dry to the salon.

Take a few hair essentials with you to the event. A few extra pins and a purse-sized spray are always useful to keep on hand.

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